Denim Overalls

Friday, March 06, 2015

Hello dear reader, sorry for posting at this time, now 00.07am, i just finished my thesis revision, one step closer i hope my thesis finish soon. haha let me take a breath.. i wanna share to you, my favorite childhood trend. This overalls make me feel when i was in 5 years old, at that time, i call it "Celana Kodok"  hehe.. maybe some of you think this outfit made for farmers or mechanics.. this overalls now being trend, you can make this overalls look as modern as possible by pairing them with a chic basic white shirt, blouse or striped shirt. Trust me, you will not look like a farm or mechanics hehe this overalls look great, to look like a grown up, i match it with my basic white shirt, wearing hat n sandal hihi this fav childhood trend still be my fav <3 and this is some of pics.. 


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