Hidden Paradise of Greenbowl Beach

Monday, May 04, 2015

hii my dear lovely readers.. how are you? hope you all are having a lovely day. i wanna share to you my last trip in bali about 3weeks ago, i was visiting Greenbowl beach, bali. it's located at pura batu pageh street, south kuta, bali. wow.. this beach is heavenly. the beach itself located below down the cliff. you should take a walk down about 350++ stairs to get the most amazing beautiful view. haha i think this is the best words that can describe about greenbowl beach  "Good things are not easy to get". Not an easy one to reach this beach, but when you are there it is paid off. The view is very breathtaking, beautiful white sands with big wave from ocean, the water is so clean and no many people here and there's quite a lot monkeys around the cliff when i walk down hehe please be careful with your bag/camera/meal, the monkeys can stole it haha. Greenbowl beach is very popular amongst surfers but not very popular with tourists. i take 15 minutes get down to the beach and i spend 35++ minutes climb the stairs, i was gasping heavily and almost fainted hahaha .. so, please reconsider to come if you have asthma. 

JUMP!!! :D

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly :D

can you see happiness on my face :p ? don't forget to be happy . i am in love with my life, have you love yours yet? i just try to share my happiness through this photos :p because happiness is only real, when shared :*

See you on next post :*

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