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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hello dear readers ...  It’s been longtime since i checked this blog. 2015 is crazy year for me mostly due to my study.. i am too focused with my papers , journals, books hahaa there was even a point where i forgot that i had this blog HAHA.. Oh thanks God i passed that.. Finally i got my degree Alhamdulillah no more stress :P and now i can focus for my new job taking photos , blog-ing, share photos on instagram which is a bit stress free because i am doing what i am good at :P yeah i am doing my hobby, my passion...  become my job maybe hehe

Let’s review my last trip to madura
For the second times, i visited madura again. I started my madura trip in the morning, it was only 45 minutes away from surabaya. Suramadu was still empty.. what a nice traffic on a Friday morning hehe (sorry no photo for suramadu the file was broken L)

This trip, i was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful place just one day hehe i just explore bangkalan – madura maybe the next explore is gili labak haha ... beginning in bukit jaddih – bangkalan madura: Jaddih hill located in the village of jaddih, this place became famous, I know this place from a friend and I was curious .. finally arrived at this place ... on the hill there is mining limestone, and some heavy equipment. I saw some workers cut limestone to be rectangular. The atmosphere here is quite crowded by the sound of stone cutting machine., next trip : bangkalan great mosque (masjid agung bangkalan), then lunch at warung amboina, located not far from masjid agung bangkalan this warung is recommended i was ordered one portion of nasi petis (oh sorry i forgot to take a pict huhu ) then i continued the next food adventure by visiting  bebek sinjay (the most famous restaurant in madura but i am so sorry no pict at bebek sinjay because i was busy to eat haha ), and the last trip to Aroesbaya – bangkalan : Arosbaya hill is located in the village of bherballuk – bangkalan. Its located near from cemetery of “aer mata ebu” . only 20K you can enjoy the view .. the color of limestone here is golden brown, and there are many trees that make this area more cool or shady. 

and here the photos ....


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