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Gegfia is a Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger based in Indonesia. Currently, she often stays in Jakarta and Bali due to her jobs. She has got a great passion in fashion world as she created in 2013 for her to work on her passion in fashion. Although Gegfia loves fashion so much, doesn’t mean she is afashionista – she only tries to appreciate and find the true art of clothing, shoes, purses and accessories which are still affordable and they don’t have to be expensive. She is really into mix-matching fashion items. She will put on whatever she loves as they’re matched one another.
In 2013, Gegfia won a competition of beauty pageant entitled World Muslimah – specialized for Moslem women that takes place in Indonesia every year, pretty much like “Miss Universe” but all contestants are wearing Hijab. The contestants are from all over the world, such as Iran, Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, etc. She won “The Most Favorite” category. Gegfia has also been appointed as a Brand Ambassador of various both local and international brands, like fashions, hotels and beauty. 
The readers of Gegfia’s blog have got modern, young and open minded characteristics. Some readers open and read Gegfia’s blog to find the suitable and accurate recommendation based on Gegfia’s experiences on fashion & beauty, hotel, cafĂ©/restaurant, destinations in Bali and lifestyle tips. 

Lately, Internet has changed people’s point of view in seeking brands recommendation. They’ve got tendencies to trust their fellow’s recommendations than referencing from the old ways of advertising. Gegfia offers any form of cooperation such as sponsorship, advertorial,domestic social media influencer, web banner advertisement via blog and social media buzzer via Instagram. Please email me to ( for more information on how you can feature your brand on my blog whether as a separate advert or as a style feature with me. Also find my rates for any varied collaborations/advertisements/sponsors.

I welcome any proposal to collaborate and post related with fashion, beauty, photo shoots, Youtube video, etc. I also welcome any collaboration in travel industry. I will be delightful and excited in exploring new places and share my experiences to all readers of this blog. I look forward to publish exciting stories from the venues, reviews of the places I’ve stayed and to share stunning images directly from the destined venues. 

This is one of my favorite, I’m in love with eating, trying out new places to stay and I’m dying to travel. If you have just opened your new hotel or restaurant and need a boosting promotion, you are welcome to invite me visiting your places. I will be delightful to capture many interesting and stunning photos, record videos which will be written in detailed as reviews about your new places on my blog. And of course, we can discuss and you can negotiate any prices and to be noted, all of my travel expenses should be covered. For sure, I can offer you: Press Trips to promote a destination, Hotel/Hostel Reviews, Airline Reviews, Day of Multiple Days Trip/Tour, App Reviews, Restaurant/Bar Reviews, Travel Gear Reviews, and Adventure Activities. 

I welcome products or brands to be reviewed/featured as long as I feel it’s still relevant and related with all works I’ve created for this blog and the other social media. In return, I would like to expect payment / something that will contribute benefits for the blog. It is possible that I will receive high-quality goods from the clients as perhaps giving the goods to the blogger is a pleasant thing for a blogger, but unfortunately, it will not reduce any price of the blog. However, do not let this stop you from working with me, if you have got any special calculation or consideration as a new brand especially local brand (Made in Indonesia), or covering modern Moslem women in your advertisement, I would like to be part of your promotional work as it could be discussed further. I am a hard-working person as I will do whatever it takes and I could do to help and we could also discuss to find alternative solutions in our cooperation. 

You can purchase advertisements on the right column of the blog with a very reasonable and affordable price. Starting from 1 / 3 / 6 months. Please note that I do not offer free advertising. Thank you.

I will occasionally accept payment to write posts for brands whenever the products are relevant with the content of this blog. So it is a good idea if we could have discussions beforehand.

The contents of this blog are written by me / my team and are edited by me. All opinion and thoughts in this blog are true and based on my own experiences. All photography results are belong as my properties, so please respect and pay close attention on that. If you would like to use photos or picture from my blog, take a consideration of putting a credit title. 


This is a personal diary, I do love comments but please be constructive and solutive in providing comments. I always happy to read emails and try new products / services, I will try my best to respond every single of them. However I do not accept gift / products that  are not relevant with the content and idealism of my blog. I'm open for any collaborations and reviews related to my interests. For all advertising and PR enquiries please contact me below, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, thank you.

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